Freediving – Beat my deepest dive 3 times

On Route To Freediving Spot – We set off at about 1:30pm from Oceanside Harbor on Captain Leo’s roomy vessel the “Aries”. We had enough room for 6 students plus one FII Instructor Brandon. On the way to the dive site Brandon reviewed our homework whit his trusty red pen then prepared the floats, and lines for the line dives. We reached the spot and suited up while Brandon set out the floats and lines.

Freediving In The Pacific Ocean – One final weight check and we were all in the 62 degree water ready to start. On one of the comfort dives I had already gone deeper than ever before. I hit 53′ and nudged past my previous 51′ deepest dive. I was feeling very relaxed and comfortable and things were going smooth. On the next dive I hit 68′. My new deepest dive. I could feel the water pressure increase uniformly around the surface of my body but I was free to move. It was a strange feeling. Like being squeezed but not restricted. I could vaguely make out the bottom from from here. Then it came time for the final dive of the day. Down I went. Relaxed all the way down to my new deepest dive at 71′.

Unexpected Visitor – On the way back to the boat there was a baby seal sitting on the swim step. We took a few photos and it was on it’s way.


Great Experience – The day went great. If you are considering taking this FII Freediver Level 1 class I highly recommend it. It is a great foundation if you are getting into spearfishing and want to make a dangerous activity safer.

Plugs – Read more about FII Instructor Brandon Gross and sign up for a class on his site Deep Freedive.Also,  check out Captain Leo’s boat charters on his site Aries Sportfishing.

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