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Welcome back!

Part 1 of the presentation by Rob Allen and Jeremy Williams of Rob Allen Spearguns. In this episode you will hear some great stories, insights, and might pick up a tip or two.

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to an event being put on by James and Joseph Spearfishing. A great exclusively spearfishing and freediving shop in San Diego. I highly recommend it if you are in town. It’s an impressive 2,500Sq ft of floor to ceiling Spearfishing awesomeness.

The event was a meet/greet and presentation by Rob Allen and Jeremy Williams of Rob Allen Spearguns.

Long story short I had my audio recorder with me to make sure I didn’t miss anything I could use later to write a post or two. I got permission to record and I am glad I did. There was too much info to type on my phone.

There is a lot to be learned here so instead of cutting it up and inadvertently changing the context, I decided to play it for you in its entirety. It will be split across two episodes. Let me warn you, the audio is not great. I was planning on using it as reference notes only. I cleaned it up a little and took out long pauses. Have a listen, the next 23 minutes are full of great stories, insight, and tips.

Here is a quick summary of what is talked about in this part of the presentation

  • Brief history of South African Spearfishing
  • Evolution of the Rob Allen Spearguns
  • Len and Jessica Jones – 1960’s Diver, Author of Guides on fishing salt and fresh water, and spearfishing
  • Crocodiles in South Africa – Quiver’s Crocodile
  • Rough Surf
  • No SCUBA Spearfishing
  • Wahoo, Sailfish, King Mackerel, Dogger Salmon, Poenskop (Musselcracker), Garrick
  • “I spearfish to hunt fish – not to shot them” – Jeremy Williams
  • You can kill a Marlin with a straight shaft with flopper
  • Straight shaft with flopper is more accurate
  • 200+ Lbs Dogtooth Tune with a double flopper – No slip tip
  • SA Spearos, like US spearos, are cheapskates 🙂
  • 398k(811.3Lbs) Black Marlin with Rob Allen 1300 (130mm gun)
  • Maneuvering and aiming a long gun
  • Tip to get the fish to come in closer

What To Do Next

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Big Thank You

Big thank you to Damien over at J&J for putting on this event and big thank you to Rob and Jeremy for so generously sharing their knowledge and stories with us.

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