Off Shore Dive Report

We left the boat launch by 5:15am Saturday morning. Once again, on a mission to put fish on the boat. It was difficult for us to spot paddies since the wind was up. We did manage to spot 3 paddies the whole day. The two paddies I jumped in on did not have any fish. Matt jumped in on one that had one single Yellowtail. After playing hard to get, it came withing range and Matt blasted it. We headed back the the islands and didn’t see much after that. The visibility was terrible when we got there. We called it a day and headed home.


Video Dive Report

Video of some dolphin jumping around the boat and Matt putting his yellowtail on the boat. Enjoy.

Stay Tuned

We are going to hit it again this weekend. I hope we have better luck this Saturday and I come home with some fish and videos.  Thanks for stopping by.


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