Beautiful San Diego Sun Rise

On the way to the kelp beds. We started early. It was calm and a lot warmer than last week. Today I got to go out with Matt again. It was a nice dive although we didn’t see any fish.

Loading My Speargun – We arrived at the spot and I jumped in the water after Matt. This time I kept the GoPro off the gun so there wasn’t anything in my way of loading this gun. After struggling to load it in the water for about 10 minutes I couldn’t get it. I’m beginning to think I made these bands too short. I hopped back on the boat and sat off the edge.


Making The Best Of The Situation – I figured I might as well use this time to work out my gun loading muscles. 🙂 After about 5 minutes of pulling on the band I guess they stretched enough that I was able to load! I jumped in the water and dove around but didn’t see anything.

No Fish But Happy – To get the bugs worked out of my setup and get back in fighting shape.



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