Upgrade Your Lobster Diving Flashlight

I had a few people ask about the light mounted gauge I use when lobster diving so I’m going to write a little bit about in this post.

I remember my first night bug diving

The first time I went lobster diving at night I had the regular lobster gauge hanging of the light. I remember diving down and the thrill of catching my first bug ever. It was awesome. I went up to the surface with a death grip on that bug. Bug in my right hand. Flashlight in my left hand. I let the flash light dangle from my wrist while I measured with the lobster gauge. It was hard to see and I could not be sure I was measuring correctly. I ended up having to tuck the flash light under my arm so I could both see and measure at the same time.

I love the Internet

The very next day I found this great mount and I was able to find the kit at my local diving store. I picked one up after work and added it to by flashlight. I still keep the extra gauge in my game bag as a spare but measuring a bug with the gauge right in front of the light makes it a lot easier.

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