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Make a dive watch backup strap

You come up from a dive and look to see the check your bottom time to start your surface interval and your watch is gone!!

I bet it sucks to lose such an expensive piece of gear. Your watch strap will wear out and eventually crack if you don’t replace it.

Dive Computer Bungee

I picked up this easy hack from my fellow San Diego Freediver member Butch. He took a piece of bungee cord and made a loop to a part of the watch strap that does not wear as fast as the part that goes in the buckle. If the strap breaks the bungee keeps the dive computer on your wrist and gives you time to notice it broke when you surface. The slide knot lets you adjust it so it fits your bare wrist  or wetsuit/gloved wrist.

Here are some photos

Dive Computer Backup Strap-2

Dive Computer Backup Strap-1


Do NOT use spectra or any other chord that is not elastic. We use elastic in case of emergency you can ditch the watch, get back to the surface, then go back and safely recover your dive computer

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