Ambushing the Ambush Master

Long Time Since My Last Shore Dive

A buddy and I went out looking for bugs tonight. We were not seeing any legal sized lobsters. As we searched I was seeing a lot of life and the visibility was decent. I started seeing little halibuts here and there.

Halibut Spotting

I saw a few 6 to 8 inch halibuts and I decide to take advantage of these opportunities. I practice looking at them from different angles. You know, sharpening my “Hali Eye”. I moved on and the big lobsters are nowhere to be seen. As I swim along I see 3 more halis in the 12 – 18 inch range. I’m pumped that I’m able to see them. Two had done a great job of burying themselves so I study them and approach from different angles.

Mother Ship

I had read that when there are so many halis in this size range there is a good chance there is a large female near. My dive buddy and I had just finished talking about calling it quits and agreed to call it after a few more minutes. Right as we started swimming again, I see the outline of a large tail. I draw the speargun up so I can pull the trigger, aim for where I think the head is and put the steel in it. It went ape stuff and we wrestled for a few seconds. My buddy handed me his knife and I brought the darkness. Here she is. She weighed in at 11.6 pounds. Tonight, the master slipped up and the hunter became the pray.

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