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Today we have a guest post by Leo Walman. Leo is the man behind SpearfishingToday. We met back in 2012 when my wife and I took a vacation to Cancun and I took a day to dive with Leo. The Spearfishing Playa del Carmen trip was awesome and we have remained in contact ever since.

I asked Leo if he could give you some pointers that can help you book the right charter. Here is Leo…

Spearfishing Charters


Traveling around the world with a speargun in your hand used to be for the happy few. Nowadays more and more spearos choose their holiday destination based on spearfishing opportunities (and tell their partner how wonderful the local spa is).

How To Choose A Spearfishing Charter?

Before you hop on Google let’s identify what YOU want

  1. Know yourself – Look at your skills and abilities and make an honest assessment. At what depths do you dive comfortably?
  2. What do you want to target? –  Are you looking to shot the fish of a lifetime or just some tasty fish to enjoy with your family and friends on the beach somewhere? What is your dream fish?
  3. Timeline – How much vacation time can you spend in the water? Are you looking for a one day trip or an epic multi-day, multi-location spearfishing odyssey?
  4. Dates – Know what dates you plan on visiting. Some fish are not around all year.
  5. Gear – Are you bringing your gear or will you need to borrow equipment?
  6. Budget – How much are you able to spend?

Now you hop on Google and look for charters in the area you are visiting.SpearfishingToday-3

Sure enough, some charters will pop up. Then what?

  1. Start a list of the charters you found
  2. Do they accommodate your skill level? Do they offer dive spots that are within your limits?
  3. Read the charter info to see what species of fish you can expect to see when you plan to visit.
  4. Look at the pictures and reviews for the charters. Do you see pictures of happy satisfied customers with fish? Are the reviews positive?
  5. Is it within your budget?

OK now you are ready to contact the charter(s)

Reach out to the charter and see if your dates match up. Are they available during your visit. Express what you want and see how the charter responds. Some charters are not more than a local fisherman – and you might want that. Others will take you out in a safer way, supply your permits, and a guide that will bring you to his secret spots and explain how to hunt each area. Quality companies have certified guides, insurance, a radio aboard, and a GPS on the float, just in case…

“The charter is as good as its last catches”

Key questions to ask:

Check with your charter about the fishing to make sure your target fish is in season. Will your dream fish be there?

What depths are needed for the fish you want?

What fish are there during your visit?

What are the latest catches?

Is a guide supplied?

Is gear supplied?

Is water or food supplied aboard?

Does the boat have a radio?

How long is a session – boat ride vs spearfishing time?

How many others on the trip?



Now that you have a clear understanding of what you want and what each charter can offer choose the best fit for you.

Happy hunting!

– Leo

Planning A Spearfishing Trip?

Where are you going? What are you targeting? Want to share your adventure with the tribe? Let me know and YOU can be our next guest post.


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