Do you have trouble clearing?

Equalizing is one of the hardest things to learn. Some people can just do it. For others, it is a constant struggle that keeps them at the surface or worse; discourages and causes them to quit spearfishing and freediving all together. There is no easy way. You still have to learn how to equalize but these earplugs will increase your chances of being successful. Even If you don’t have issues equalizing – these earplugs make diving more comfortable. Here is how…

JBL-Hydro-Seals-Dive-Ear-PlugsJBL Hydro Seals – Review

The Hydro Seals are vented earplugs made by JBL. These were made for freedivers and spearos. Key features and benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of  Exostosis – also known as surfer’s ear by sealing out cold water. You still get water in your ears but its trapped and eventually warms up.
  • Wetsuit Effect – in my experience when water does get in I just leave it. The water will eventually warm up and its better than a constant flush of cold water on every dive.
  • Vented – to allow equalization of air or water trapped between ear and earplug. The earplugs has the effect of a slower decent since it absorbs some of the water pressure that would otherwise be directly on your ear. That effect makes it easier to clear.
  • Color coded – Red right, Left light. That’s how I remember it anyway. The little vent hole on the right earplug is red – the left one is white. It’s a nice detail so you don’t have to look for the little raised “R” or “L”.

Comfort Factor

On days like the Fresh Water Nationals where you are diving for about 8 hours these really paid off. I had no trouble clearing the whole day.

Buying Advice

If you are considering buying a pair us these, go for it. They will easily be the least expensive piece of spearfishing equipment you buy with the most benefit. You can’t shoot fish if you can’t get down to them. I lost my first pair in Bora Bora and bought another set when I got back. Coming in with a price tag of about $16 the benefits are well worth it. Some people spend more on lunch and you know where that ends up. 🙂


These are some sweet earplugs that make freediving more comfortable without breaking the bank. I fully recommend buying the JBL Hydro Seals even if you don’t have clearing problems.

If you are going to buy a set..

Please do so in a way that supports our site. If has them in stock, please buy from them. They help make SpearoBlog possible by advertising with us. If speardeals is sold out, use my LeisurePro Affiliate link here –> JBL Hydro Seals – I make a few cents off the transaction but the price you pay will be the same as if you went straight to Amazon


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