Happy New Year!

Let me start this first post of 2014 by saying thank you to you – our reader. SpearoBlog.com’s audience enjoyed steady growth this year and I am truly grateful. Here is a quick recap of last years highlights and my plans for the site in 2014

2013 Highlights

  • FII Level 1 Freediver Certification – Successfully completed
  • Freediving Personal Best – 71′
  • Dialed In Filming Setup – I did a lot more diving with the camera and was recording for most of my nicer catches.
  • Carp Killing Spree – Dove and shot carp in freshwater for the first time
  • Team SDF – Joined the San Diego Freedivers Spearfishing Team –
  • Won Largest Rough Fish Award at Freshwater Nationals 2013 – Out of 50 divers I brought the award home with a 16.84Lbs. Carp
  • Quality Dives – Dove less but the dive sites and fish taken were better quality.
  • Learned a Bunch – and realized there is a lot more to learn. This makes me happy.
  • New Friends – Met a lot of class divers. Both new and experienced. Dive buddies for days!

2014 Action Plan

  • One Posts a Week Minimum – My goal for the year is to put out 1 quality posts a week. Posts types like, reviews, dive reports, techniques, video tutorials, and maybe even recipes.
  • Team SDF – Participate in more competitions than last year
  • SpearoBlog Swag – Make SpearoBlog branded stuff to give away to our readers. If time allows, maybe we’ll knock out a shirt or two with a nice spearfishing design.
  • Spearfishing School – I started this last year but haven’t really pushed it yet. I am working on part 16 of a an 80 part series designed to get new spearos up to speed. It’s what I wish I had when I first started. It is a work in progress but all the topics have been outlined.

I Want To Hear From You

Comment, Email, Call, Tweet, Facebook, Google+, YouTube or Pin me. If you have a question, an idea for a post, you want to write a guest post, or just to say hi. Don’t hesitate. Thanks again for reading SpearoBlog

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