Josh’s First Night Dive

I met Josh through Leo at Josh sent me a message via our Facebook page before he moved to California. We did a few dives earlier this year and got all his gear sorted out. We went for a dive Saturday night and had a great time.

Grabbing Bugs

I grabbed a few but they were short. Josh missed a few before finally grabbing a nice one. In his excitement he forgot what side of his belt he attached his lobster gauge on. He brought it to me. We measured it. It was good. We didn’t see any big ones after that. We saw a few octopuses and a nice Sculpin

Funny Thing Happened

I came across a nice sized Sculpin on a rock. I kept my light on it and called Josh over. When he got there a little minnow swam by the Sculpin and GULP! The Sculpin sucked it in. Right about then I poked my head out of the water and noticed some kids fishing off the rocks. I call them over and have one of them cast their fishing line next to me. I took the line and dangled the bait in front of the Sculpin. He didn’t seem interested at first. I lifted the bait and hook then lowered it slowly about 6 inches from its face. It nudged forward and slurped it up, hook and all. I stuck my hand out of the water and gave the fisherman the thumbs up. He and his friends were excited when he reeled it in.

Thanks For Stopping By

Sorry there are no photos this time. It was late and I was in a rush to get home. Thanks again Josh and congrats on your first bug!


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