10 Spearfishing Websites On My Favorites List

Here is the list of spearfishing related websites I like to visit. When I was started learning to spearfish, I spent many nights reading and re-reading posts about techniques, safety, gear, reviews, etc. Even now I go back to some of these sites to re-read old posts and get a little more knowledge because I have a better grasp on the subject than before. With out further adieu here’s my list. Enjoy.

  1. ShallowWaterBlackoutPrevention.org – Beginners and seasoned spearos should read through this site to understand the dangers of freediving and how to be a safer diver.
  2. Removed 1/30/13
  3. BlueWaterHunter.com – One of the first sites I found when I was learning about spearfishing. Their Education and Tips section is great.
  4. SpearfishingTips.com – This is one of the sites I go back to often to re-read their posts. They cover many spearfishing techniques for different situations.
  5. Memo Arikok’s Vimeo Channel – I’ve watched all of Memo’s videos and he is a great spearo. Watching a spearo like Memo is a great way to learn. In some of his videos he even narrates and talks about the techniques in English.
  6. Deep World Wide Magazine – This magazine is so awesome. They put out an issue every two months or so which I highly recommend. The issues come wrapped in plastic and each includes an awesome DVD.
  7. SpearBlog.com – Great blog by multiple spearfishing world record holder Cameron Kirkconnell. Good writing and info on this site.
  8. SpearDeals.com – Before you buy any spearfishing gear, check Spear Deals. They have great prices and carry almost everything spearfishing.
  9. HawaiianSkinDiver.com – Great magazine with awesome articles, kick butt layout and photography. HSD also has a website and community forum that is a wealth of knowledge.

How about you?

What spearfishing websites do you like to visit? Tell us in a comment below.

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