Spearfishing Beginner LIVE Q&A Session

Are You New To Spearfishing?

Do you have questions about gear, technique, or anything else spearfishing?

Join me for a LIVE FREE New to Spearfishing Q&A session.

“…The Beginner’s Question & Answer Session I Wish I Had When I Started Out”

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The SpearoBlog Tribe Forum – SpearForum

As our community grows it is time to have a place where you can communicate with each other. I present to you…<Drum Roll> Read more »


Speargun Build: Shaping Has Begun

Happy Monday!! I hope you had an excellent weekend.

I received an update on my Speargun Build from Gene over at the Diablo Spearguns. He has started the shaping process on my Diablo 121cm.

Here are the latest photos. Read more »


Speargun Build: Track and Remote Trigger Mech

Speargun Build Update

Hi all! Here is the latest from Gene over at Diablo Spearguns. He completed the machine work for all the hardware on the Diablo 121cm Speargun Build and is ready to start shaping.  Here is his last email update and a bunch of photos. I really appreciate Genes communication style and status updates. I’m getting an itchy trigger finger… Read more »


Speargun Build: Zen and The Art of Speargun Shaping

The Art of Speargun Shaping

Wow! I love it. Life lessons from the Diablo Spearguns workshop. Gene sent me a few emails today with the latest update on my Diablo 121cm Speargun Build and some great insight into his speargun shaping process and mindset. Read more »


Spearfishing T-Shirt – Discover your primal side

Hey SpearoBlog fans!

I am going to make some custom SpearoBlog “Discover your primal side” T-Shirts

Who wants one? Read more »


Speargun Build: Grip/Handle

Update on the Diablo 121cm speargun build.

Gene sent me some photos of the speargun grip and trigger guard.

I’m impressed with progress and I really like that wood grain look on the handle. Check out the photos. Read more »


Speargun Build: Diablo 121cm

I’m going for it.

After much hands on research I know what I want Read more »


100 Burpees for 100 Days Challenge

This is the most efficient way I could find to get into shape.

SpearoBlog Challenge

My original intent was to do this on my own to get into better diving shape. After I tweeted about it (@spearoblog) I had received some good feedback from Ryan (@paperlessNAV). We went back and forth then I asked him to join me. He accepted!! His wife and friend are doing it too.

I know it’s last minute but now I’m inviting YOU to join us.

We start TODAY. Read more »


Happy New Year! Hello 2015!


Last year was a blur. I saw tuna in that blur.


Life got real busy for me with the birth of my second son Julian and all the preparation that goes with it. We are all settled in now and everyone is fine. Read more »

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