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So I went to my local San Diego Kayak store, OEX Mission Bay to get repair parts for the new (to me) Scupper Pro kayak.

A few extra parts here and there and Ta-Da!…

…I’m kidding. Check out what happened.

Jackson Kayak Kraken 13.5-11

Choosing the Right Kayak

Before I left my house I checked If Valerie ( my double roller carbon speargun 😉  ) would fit in the hatch of the scupper pro. She didn’t which meant I’d have to strap her to the top somehow.

I’ve lost a speargun and don’t want to have that feeling again. I started to have doubts about this yak. So I took out Valerie’s custom Addiction Spear and took her with me to the shop.

The OEX Shop was clean and had all the repair parts I needed. If you are out of town they have a web presence

At the shop Kerry was a patient and answered all my questions. I had a lot of questions.

I started a pile of repair parts on the counter to get an idea of how much the repairs were going to be. It wasn’t a lot but two things kept popping into my head.

Time and Valerie.

Time – I’d rather be writing, making videos, and of course recording more episodes of The Spear. So the DIY low budget was going to probably cost me more in time. I can’t make time. :) Strike one for the Scupper.

Valerie – She has to fit inside along with other damn expensive spearfishing gear. Strike two

Then while considering sounder options

Sounder – I wanted to get a nice sounder/GPS combo and that would be like putting on some sweet rims on a beat up car. Strike three

Kerry, I have my speargun in the car. Can I bring it in to see which one of these kayaks works best?

When the dust settled the Kraken 13.5 by Jackson Kayak was the best option for me. The center hatch with the low angle in the back and the high in the fron works perfectly to accommodate Valerie the 130cm  Speargun. I’ll do a video and write up on that soon.

Jackson Kayak – Kraken 13.5

OK Here she is! Freshly unwrapped in an awesome “Bluefin” color pattern.

Nice Touch Jackson Kayak

One of the coolest things I’ve seen done by a manufacturer. We unwrapped this Kraken and there was a tag attached to it with the “built by” info and date. Nice touch. Thanks Wayne Green and Josh Davis. I know each one of these is unique. I love the way the pattern turned out.

Jackson Kayak Kraken 13.5-2

Kayak Fishing

A sport I first heard about in 2003. I was young and didn’t have the means or time to get started in it.

Since moving to San Diego in 2008 I’ve enjoyed the occasional bay bass catch and release session. Also, since we started fishing paddies before diving them a few summers ago, I already have the basics to add Kayak Fishing to my list of hobbies.

I’m looking forward to taking my older boy for a paddle around the bay. When it’s just him and me in the car, he usually asks, “Daddy, are we going on an adventure?” So I’m looking forward to sharing this with him.

Help Name Her

Leave a comment with your suggestion for a name.

The next post will be the installation of the Lowrance Elite-4 Fishfinder/Chartplotter with US Basemap, 83/200KHz CHIRP, and DownScan Transducer.

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Oh yes, the…

“Poor man’s yacht” – Alex Reynaud (The Spear Episode 38)

Spearfishing and Fishing Kayak Project

This is part 1 of The Spearfishing Kayak Series

At the start of my spearfishing journey I wrote off kayaks and decided to just shore dive. When I first considered a kayak I started looking into them but the price was so close to a small boat I decided to just put it off and get a small boat instead.

I never got around to getting a boat.

I dove from shore and was successful. Also, I had boat invites. I started paddy hopping and diving the islands with friends that owned boats so I never got around to it.

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TS035: Patreon dot com slash ROMANCASTRO

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Spearfishing San Diego Offshore 2015 Paddy Season

I took some footage from multiple trips Spearfishing San Diego offshore and put together this video.

The video is mostly shot offshore in US and Mexican waters. This is how I try to spend some of my Saturdays in the summer.

THE-SPEAR-Spearfishing-Podcast-Ep31Big thank you to Matt Swartout, also in this video for taking me out and being an awesome fishing buddy. You can listen to Matt’s spearfishing journey on The Spear Ep 31.

Spearfishing San Diego 2015 Paddy Season Video

Here is the video. Enjoy.

How Was Your Summer?

I would love to see your videos from the 2015 Spearfishing Summer Season. Reply in this comment with a YouTube or Vimeo link to your best 2015 Spearfishing videos. If there is enough interest I would like to make a SpearoNation 2015 recap and include all the highlights.

This Week on The Spear

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We talk about spearfishing in 51 degree water, freediving competition, water comfort, and mind control. He also shares some great stories and insights.

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